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In the version of zwei on system 32.3, with microcode 680, on LISP Machine Nine:

Going into 2-window mode, doing a m-x Occur in one window, then switching to the
other window while leaving the m-x Occur typeout up on the first window does
nasty things.  For one thing if the Occur typeout hits a **more**,
selecting the other window with the mouse redisplays the window with the occur
instead of leaving the typeout there.  Switching windows with c-x O on the other
hand mostly leaves the typeout there but clobbers the top line.

However the real bug is what happens if you click the mouse on the Occur
typeout while the other window is selected; it jumps to that line in the
wrong window but doesn't update the display to indicate what it did.
This then leaves the other window with point outside of its buffer.
(m-< fixes it however).

I haven't tried this in system 34 but I would guess that the frame changes
would not have affected any of this.