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    Date: Mon ,4 Aug 80 02:20:00 EDT
    From: Howard I. Cannon <HIC at MIT-MC>
    Sender: HIC0 at MIT-MC
    To: MOON at MIT-MC
    cc: BUG-ZWEI at MIT-MC

    Because that is the old behaviour, and it turns out that that's
    what you want most of the time.  I find it inconvenient to use
    when I have a split screen configuration, enter the editor,
    and then leave only to discover I don't get my split-screen
    back.  If I have to do it myself, I will, but I believe that
    the old functionality was much better.
Well, yes, but on the other hand the old functionality shafted you
whenever you used the esc S key or the system key.  Perhaps the split
screen command in the system menu should create a frame rather than
just creating windows in "the right" places; but that would shaft
you in other ways probably.  Perhaps the restore-selected-window
stuff we have now should be extended to remember and restore whole
screen configurations.