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    Date: 23 JUL 1980 1520-EDT
    From: GLS at MIT-AI (Guy L. Steele, Jr.)
    It would be very useful to have a command Reverse Lines, which would
    reverse the order of all the lines in the region.  (Typically I need
    to do this when I discover that C-M-W'd things got stuck together
    in the wrong order.)  Maybe it should also be an option of
    Various Quantities: C-Q Z x would reverse the order of all things
    of type x in the region.  (Why Z?  Why not?  R is taken.)
I have put in Reverse Lines and C-Q Z <x>.  However, the number of
objects reversed is given by the numeric argument for consistency.  If
Various Quantities ever gets hacked over totally, there will be a mode
for getting the argument from the number of frobs in the region of the
specified type.