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    Date: 23 July 1980 17:45-EDT
    From: Mike McMahon <MMCM at MIT-AI>

        Date: 23 JUL 1980 1648-EDT
        From: BAK at MIT-AI (William A. Kornfeld)
        I invoked COM-KILL-OR-SAVE-BUFFERS via the menu
        and asked it to kill one buffer.
        It hit an error in which KILL-BUFFER was called with too many arguments.
    This is presumably because you redefine
    KILL-BUFFER to what looks like an identical
    copy of the code from a long time ago.

I would like to point out to all ZWEI users that this is the sort of
bug you should expect to get if you start redefining things like
KILL-BUFFER; that is, if you redefine things that are part of the set
of primitive manipulations of editor data structures.  This is the Lisp
Machine and so you are free to do what you want, but we do not
guarantee that anything will work if you play with internals of the
editor, and it is a bit annoying trying to act upon bugs that were
really caused by such changes.  Please be careful.