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Shift Lock

    Date: 18 JUL 1980 1120-EDT
    From: RICH at MIT-AI (Charles Rich)

    In system `29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Eight:
    It would be nice if, when CapsLock key is set, that the Shift key
    would temporarily shift to lower case when depressed.  Similarly,
    in Electric Shift Lock mode, the Shift key should shift back to
    upper case.

This was once installed on the AI TV system; it was a major disaster
and was deinstalled at once, as most users reported that they couldn't
stand it, it was driving them up the wall, etc.  Of course, it is
easier to try this out on a Lisp Machine, since it is far easier to go
in and modify the software, but because of the aforementioned
experience, I doubt we want to make this the default.