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Different files?

    Date: 16 JUL 1980 1102-EDT
    From: RICH at MIT-AI (Charles Rich)

    In system `29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Eight:
    ZWEI considers FOO > LUSER; AI: and FOO > LUSER; DSK: to be different
    files and buffers.  I.e. if I have one in a buffer and try to get
    back to it by C-X C-B or C-X C-F specifying the other, it tries to
    read the file in again.

If MC were your file-computer, they WOULD be sifferent files.  I'm not
sure it is ZWEI's responsibility to grok all the devices to this extent.
Aftre all, Lisp Machines will eventually run with a wide variety of file
computers.  Perhaps it is the file computer's responsibility to support
an EQ operation for its file system.