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back in black...

In Release 4.0, Spire 6.9, site configuration 12, on Lisp Machine Six:

(load "<zvona.coder>macros" 'luser) when MACROS was compiled in package
SURFACE prompts about whether I want to create package SURFACE.  Giving
a package argument to LOAD should disable this.

It would be useful if all file errors had a procede type to bash the
file server and try again.

It would be useful if :load and related defsystem frobs would take a
package argument.  Sometimes a system wants to go in more than one
package, so you can't just use :package, and the -*- lines are wrong.

m-X Delete File with a wildcarded expression displays the files to be
deleted on the top typeout window and asks if you want to delete them in
the echo area.  Due to query-io being bound to the echo area in the
editor, presumably.  This seems to cause lossage a lot; it isn't