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Fussy indentation bug

In Experimental MIT-Specific 18.0, Experimental System 93.8,
Experimental ZMail 49.1, microcode 226, gc@2, on Lisp Machine Three:

Executing Evaluate Buffer with the following text caused complaints of
an open paren in column 0, and then an error (the function A is


  (B C))

(U 2)

(X T C)))

I realise that it's often a great error check to see where parentheses
are (relative to identation) when READing from a ZMacs buffer, but
sometimes it looks better to have elements of a list line up in column
0, if the enclosing list is not ``too far'' from top level.  Couldn't
there be some variable to ignore the indentation style when reading from
buffers ?