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Auto Fill in {TeX} mode

In ZWEI in Remote-File 22.0, LMFILE-Remote 23.1, MIT-Specific 16.0,
System 91.43, ZMail 48.7, microcode 204, "?gc@43",
on Lisp Machine Four:

Hi there !.  I have something I like to add to your wish list.

   Although Zwie's Auto Fill mode while in {TeX} mode tends to work very
well while typing in text, it tends to mess up when typeing in long
mathmatical equations.  What would be nice is automatically turn off the
Auto fill Mode while in TeX's Display Math mode {i.e. inside a \math{}
or a $${}$$ region, and then turn it back on when this is done.  Would
it be possible to do this ?
                                  >>> J.Bradstreet <<<