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zmacs split screen; c-x o loses

    Date: Saturday, 19 March 1983, 23:47-EST
    From: David Chapman <zvona@MIT-OZ>
    This is about the split screen item in the zmacs menu.  

    * with three windows, if you do c-3 c-x o, you end up with one window.
    c-2 c-x o doesn't.  I thought that a numeric argument of n was supposed
    to move you to the nth window.
n is zero-based.  Right now it selects the fourth window that you cannot see,
which ends up the whole size of the screen.  Alternatively, it could be a no-op,
or max'ed and select the furthest away, or be changed to 1-based.  I don't care.

    * if you ask for three windows, the bottom border interacts weirdly with
    the bottom of the zwei frame to produce a double line.
Fixed in the source, along with a bunch of other problems with it.