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Attribute list format

In ZWEI in Release 4.0, System 222.186, Zmail 74.43,
Experimental Macsyma 6.15, site configuration 12, on Zarniwoop:

It would be nice if the Update Attribute List and Set Backspace commands
could agree on the "proper" way to specify a binary mode's value in the
attribute list.  Update Attribute List likes to say "Backspace: T" while
Set Backspace likes to say "Backspace: Yes".  I realize that both will
work, but that is for the benefit of those humans who prefer to edit the
attribute list line themselves; the automatic mechanisms should pick
something they like and stick with it.  If it matters, I prefer the
Yes/No version.

On a related subject, it would be nice if the mode setting commands
(Lisp Mode, Text Mode, etc.) would offer to set the mode in the
attribute list, like the option setting commands.