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Editing shape/size of editor panes

    Date: Wednesday, 20 April 1983, 22:33-EST
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar at MIT-MULTICS>
    In ZWEI in MIT-Specific 18.1, System 93.47, ZMail 49.19, microcode 226,
    gc@2, on Ford Prefect:

    When I am in ZMacs two-window mode, why can't I reshape the individual
    panes using Edit Screen from the System Menu?  That would be much nicer
    than having to use C-X ^.

You can.  You have to click Right on Edit Screen to get the menu of
"screenoids" to edit, and then select the editor rather than Main Screen.
Otherwise you would be reshaping the editor itself rather than what
is inside it.

If you already knew this and were just reporting that it was broken in
system 93, I apologize for telling you what you already know.