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Suggested fix for M-X Copy File with author/creation date setting on Twenex systems.

In zwei in Release 4.3, site configuration 28,
Educational Computing Group, on Lisp Machine Twenty:

When I do M-8 M-X Copy File to a Twenex site, I get the notification at the
top of the screen that it couldn't alter the creation date or file author
without wheel or operator capability.  I understand this is a limitation of
the operating system, and might be fixable at that level; however, the only I
could make it work was to do a M-X Enable Capabilities before doing the copy.

That is not what I want really, since that means I can use up every last disk
block on the machine or copy to the wrong directory or something.  It would be
nice if the command (or its condition handler or whatever) could offer to
enable and try to set the file attributes again, and then disable.