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    Date: 20 Aug 1983 13:47-EDT
    From: Jan Walker <JWALKER at SCRC-TENEX>
    To:   Zvona at MIT-OZ
    cc:   BUG-zwei at MIT-OZ

        Date: Friday, 19 August 1983, 13:23-EDT
        From: David Chapman <Zvona@MIT-OZ>
        In zwei in Release 4.4, FEP 12, site configuration 68, 
        on Lisp Machine Elvis Presley:
        <help> should not barf in com-documentation.
    Fixed in the source and patched into 242.  It didn't barf
    by the way, it beeped.  Not synonymous.

"Barf" ==> "complained".  I think they are synonyms.
Also, the function which makes it beep (and sometimes print an error
message) is called ZWEI:BARF.