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In ZWEI in System 222.252, site configuration 75, on Lisp Machine Robot-3:

Many people in the vision group use files with Multiple fonts.
Over the last year, RMS has modified many CADR functions to make 
fonts transparent to ZWEI. Since there are now a few 3600's
available on the 3rd floor, we have started converting our code
but, as expected, we encountering fonts bug that were present
in both systems 9 months ago.

The problems are:

a) The mouse does not recognize functions names
   when in a different font (Meta-.)
b) ZWEI can't find the function definition when
   the function name is not in the standard font 
   (again in M-.). It keeps asking for a file name.
c) [I haven't checked this myself but was told about
   it] Files with multiple fonts don't compile
   properly (the font data is used as part of the

Other related problems may also arise but i 
can't remember them.

A large amount of time has been spent in the
creation of multiple font files and we would
like to keep using them if possible.