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Suggestions for Fill Mode.

In ZWEI in System 97.12, CADR 1.0, ZMail 51.2, MIT-Specific 21.0,
microcode 257, ZM MIT, on Lisp Machine Two:

The following are some behaviors that don't seem obvious.

When using auto-fill mode for text;  Assume you are typing at the end of a line that
is in the middle of a paragraph.
For instance, let's say the cursor was at the end of the previous line.
When you type past the fill mark and it brings the cursor to the next line, the line
that the cursor is now on still contains what was previously there.  This is annoying,
since you are now typing with the cursor right in front of the lines text.
It would be more appropriate to insert a carraige return after the cursor so that it
was starting on a line that only contained the text that was moved from the end of the
line you were orignally typing on.  If this is not clear, I will be glad to show someone
what I mean.

When typing in a small paragraph at the top of the screen, I typed a meta-Q.  Part of the
paragraph was above what was showing.  After justifying the paragraph it recentered the text
so that I was now in the middle of the screen.  I can understand that it wants to show the
whole paragraph that is justified, but the gross screen movement was not necessary since only
a couple lines were off the screen.