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ZWEI's scroll bar is driving me nuts!

In ZWEI in Release 4.5, site configuration 57, on Lisp Machine Apiary-8:

My absolutely greatest annoyance with ZWEI stems from having the scroll bar on
the left side of the screen--right next to column one!  This is one of the most
frequently pointed-at columns on the entire screen (expecially in Dired), and I
am constanly running into it unintentionally.  Could you please implement one
of the following as soon as you possibly can:

  1) Provide a command for turning the scroll bar off entirely, thus making it
     impossible to "enter."

  2) Provide an option for having the scroll bar on the right.

  3) Keep the scroll bar on the left, but make it explicit (a la Brand X) with
     some width> and as little hysteresis as possible, then move column one
     a short distance away, providing for small "margin of safety."

If you all don't have time to implement 2 or 3, please implement number 1 as an
interim solution.  Now that you have all this added screen width, perhaps you
can improve the ergonomics of the 3600 and make better use of it.


				Tim McNerney