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Broken Dired

    Date: Saturday, 10 December 1983, 19:31-EST
    From: Joseph R Goldstone <joseph@SCRC-QUABBIN>

	Date: Saturday, 10 December 1983, 16:38-EST
	From: Glenn A. Kramer <GAK at MIT-OZ>
	In ZWEI in Release 5.0 [GC'd Beta Test rev 3], dusty plum, on Lisp Machine Buddy Holly (3600):

	I read files from directory oz:ps:<gak.bal>; everything went OK.

	When I did Dired <gak.bal>*.*.*, I got 0 files. I tried (NETI:RESET) but it
	was still broken.

    [running the SCRC copy of the Beta Test world] i could not reproduce this bug.

    (neti:reset) is probably not the right hammer here.  even if it was, in release 5 every
    time you punch the network system in the nose with (neti:reset) you should follow it up
    with a (neti:enable).  [this is in contrast with release 4 systems in which you could
    often get away with only a (chaos:reset), omitting a (chaos:enable).]

    but, it was probably not the right hammer.

    -- joseph

This is not a zwei bug at all.  All the files in the subdirectory
OZ:PS:<GAK.BAL> have their protection set to 775240, which does not
permit the world to list his BAL directory.  Unless the subdirectory
protection is set up right (this involves making a personal user group
usually), or wheel privilages are enabled, even someone logged in as GAK
only has world access to the subdirectories of <GAK>.