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Re: Completion

    Date: Thursday, 15 December 1983, 17:11-EST
    From: Andrew L. Ressler <ALR at MIT-OZ>
    In ZWEI in Release 5.0 [GC'd Beta Test rev 3], dusty plum, on Lisp Machine Keith Moon (3600):
    I think the following is a bug in completion.  Will it ever be fixed??
    On oz I have the following files:
    While in ZMACS I type ctrl-x ctrl-f which shows the default of FOO.LISP
    After typing  TALK-<COMPLETE>  it completes to
    If anything it should only complete to
The bug consists of a mismatch between your model of what
completion is (based on the TOPS-20 facility) and the Lisp
Machine model of what completion is (based on God knows

"Completion" guarantees to complete to a valid file spec,
getting unspecified parts of it from the stored, usually
displayed, defaults.  It has nothing at all whatsoever to
do with whether the file spec thus formed corresponds to 
a file on the physical file system.

Arguments for both sides are plausible.  The fact is that
what you are seeing is not a bug, but is rather how the
facility works.  The fact that it is called "completion" is
unfortunate, as that misleads users who are expecting the
other model, of the same name.