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meta-. bug

    Date: Friday, 3 February 1984, 02:50-EST
    From: Henry Minsky <HQM at MIT-OZ>

    In zwei in Release 5.0 [Beta Test rev 4], Experimental Schema 10.4,
    FEP 13, imperial purple, on Lisp Machine Robot-4 (3600):

    WHen I do a Meta-. on a symbol who is defined as both a flavor
    and a function, I get sent to one of them, and ZWEI says

    1 more definition as well.

    But when I try a control-. , it says no more possibilities.
    It is thus impossible to see the other definition.

You should type c-U m-.  See page 13 of the "Program Development
Help Facilities" document.

The reason c-U m-. is used rather than c-. is to make it
independent of going through a list of possibilities,
such as in Edit Callers.  You don't want to be forced
to go to each definition of each caller, just look at
each caller.  Or at least, that's the theory.