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Arg to meta-;

How about instead of an optional numerical arg to m-; which "re-aligns
existing comments for n lines," take away the optional arg and make
m-; automatically either move the cursor to the column *COMMENT-COLUMN*
and type out a ; if none exists already, OR if there is a comment on 
the current line, m-; sets the comment string to the right place on

I'm sure nobody who ever passes m-; an argument (except possibly
those who pass it the arg n where n = # of lines in the file)
doesn't want all of the comment to be justified for the rest
of the definition (or the comment).   Those who do pass in 750 to
meta-;  , well, yes, you would be inconvenienced, having to do
a m-; followed by some c-N's then another m-; etc., so why not
keep the arg to meta-; the way it is, and just modify the NON-ARGed
implementation of the macro to what I suggest above?  I think this
wins -- I can't for the life of me come up with an instance where
I'm at the beginning of a long commented line and want a m-; but
don't want the whole columns of semi-colons to line up in the

Come to think of it, an even BETTER way to improve it might be
to have it work like m-Q, in that it looks both forward and
backwards til it comes to a line without a semicolon in it...

Tell me what you think...