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Two suggestions

    Date: Wednesday, 18 January 1984, 15:47-EST
    From: HQM@OZ <Henry Minsky at MIT-OZ>
    Subject: Two suggestions
    To: BUG-ZWEI at MIT-OZ

    In ZWEI in Release 5.0 [GC'd Beta Test rev 3], FEP 17, Dusty plum, on Lisp Machine John Lennon (3600):

    Also, this is not ZWEI related, but I think the ABORT-TRIVIAL-ERRORS feature in MIT sytems is good,
    because it bothers me to wait 3 seconds when I mistype an open paren and have the error system
    swap in.

System 247 now has such a feature.  It will be available in Release 6, or
whenever the SCRC development system becomes available at MIT.

The feature is intended to be an alternative user interface, and as a side
effect reduces the amount of time the machine spends paging before it will
listen to typein again.  The paging issue needs to be studied separately,
independently of either user interface.