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m-X List Fonts

The extended command "LIST FONTS" is fine unless you
want to sample over three different fonts.  When the
screen scrolls, it wraps around and OVER THE MENU!
Naturally, once this happens, there is no longer any
way to click on a font to sample it!  Couldn't some 
window hack be devised such that the screen scrollBs
at the point on the window where the menu ends?
That way I wouldn't have to retype m-X LIST FONTS
every three fonts I sample...Equally valid (though
slightly less optimal would be a change in the tyi
such that "typing space" clears not the entire
minibuffer, but rather just the display of the font(s)
sampling currently on the screen.  Then ANOTHER space
bar hit could put you back in ZMACS buffer-1 or

I guess that's it, but it would be nice if we could
get some more of the R20 fonts "loaded" and therefore
available for files.  I'd be interested in discovering
how to make my favorite font a "loaded font."

Thank you for your time.

---Dave Saslav