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zmacs multics lossage

In zmacs in Release 5.0 [GC'd Beta Test rev 3], microcode TMC5-MIC 262,
FEP 18, corrected dusty plum, on Lisp Machine Robot-1 (3600):

while logged in as namespace user object "sad" I tryied to save a file to
multics (i.e. c-X c-W multics:test).  This didn't work and it broke  all of
the save commands I could find.  The error message was:  (copied by hand)

>>Trap: The argument given to the car instruction, "sad", was not a list, locative or nil.

(:defun-method fs:multics-directory-string):
   Arg 0 (self): #<MULTICS-PATHNAME <<Error printing value>>
   Arg 1 (self-mapping-table): #<Map to flavor fs:multics-pathname-mixin -- 4. IV's, 1. FL's 25263747>

note that the first argument really did have unmatched <>'s. Thanks.