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Good Zwei idea.

    Date: Sunday, 11 March 1984, 17:50-EST
    From: David A. Moon <Moon at SCRC-TENEX>

    A good question is whether the c-sh-E command in the editor should set
    the variables + and *.  I guess there are arguments both ways.

Here's one vote in favor of setting + and *.  Setting + isn't going to
make anyone scream because of our winning new input history.  People
seem to use * most immediately after typing something at a lisp listener
and therefore I don't think most people would complain if * weren't the
same after coming back to the break window.  If anyone really cares,
they can use System-L instead of "Suspend".  If we do this, I think it
should be made apparent in the online documentation for c-sh-E.