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broken parenthesis blinking

In ZWEI in Don't-dump-a-band! Inconsistent (unreleased patches loaded) System
98.39, CADR 3.6, ZMail 53.13, MIT-Specific 22.0, microcode 309, ZM MIT, on Lisp
Machine Thirty-one:

I have a very long function (several pages long) in a file of Lisp code.  The
function is as long as it is because the code is a model for a machine-language
program that includes branches, and the body of the function is a big prog.
The problem is that inside the body of this prog, parenthesis-blinking has
ceased to function.  Matching parens aren't blinked, although C-M-B and C-M-F
still work.  The function is called LMB-EVAL, and it is in the file