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auto fill comments

    Date: Tuesday, 27 March 1984, 10:06-EST
    From:  <dove at MIT-TWEETY-PIE>

    In zwei in Release 5.0 [Beta Test rev 7], on Lisp Machine Tweety Pie (3600):

    It turns out, that due to the workings of fill long comment, if ALL
    lines in the comment containing ";;" have at least one space after the
    semi's (i.e. even "blank" lines have a space after the semi's) then fill
    long comment will leave space between the semi's and the text.  One can
    either leave "blank" lines totally blank (i.e. no semi's) or put a space
    after them.

    This is because fill long comment looks for the shortest comment prefix
    in the long comment, and uses that as the fill prefix.

    It would be nice it would (perhaps optionally) insert a space after the
    semi's when the fill prefix turns out to be just semi's, so it would be
    compatible with auto fill lisp comment mode.

m-X Fill Long Comment was fixed a while ago to act more like m-Q.  A
line with just semi's acts as a paragraph break.  Only lines within the
paragraph itself are used to determine the length of the fill prefix.
And unless there is a region, only one paragraph is filled.

This will appear fixed in some future release.