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small bug in the DIRED copy command

In ZWEI in Release 5.0 [Beta Test rev 7], on Lisp Machine Jimi Hendrix (3600):

I don't know how to give you a photo of the bug, but here's a
description. I get a new editor fork, do M-X DIRED, then
<DRogers>*.LISP, whereupon I get the list of my LISP files. 
Then I try to copy one of my files into a new name, by using
C-N to position the cursor and then giving the "C" command.
I give it a new file name, it makes the copy but then prints
the message:

Can't copy author because WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required

Very annoying. The first time I saw this I thought the file copying
had not been completed (it had). The program should not try to set
fields that cannot be set with OWNER access. Bug messages such as
these are not reassuring, so please don't tell me this is a 
"design feature" or that I shouldn't worry because it did the right
thing. I have heard of other new users freaking out when this
happens, too.

Thanks for your time,