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Uncomment Region bug

In zwei in Release 5.0 [Beta Test rev 7], Experimental Useful 10.0,
Experimental TimeKit 12.0, Experimental Music 11.0,
Experimental Pitch 11.0, Experimental Enharm-Pitch 11.0,
Experimental Harmony 11.0, Experimental Staff 11.0,
Experimental Chroma 11.0, Experimental Play 9.0,
Experimental Linedit 7.0, Experimental Frets 8.0, Music 14 Apr - JRD, on Lisp Machine Four (LM-2):

I just did a Meta-X Uncomment Region and had the whole region simply
disappear!  And not as an entire region, either, no sir!  It disappeared
as though a long string of control-k control-n control-a 's had been
performed.  They were on the kill ring (as n separate entries) but
when I finally got them all off the kill ring I noticed that they
weren't even Uncommented! THe semi-colons were all still there!

I think you might say that Uncomment Region is not quite working right