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    From: Robert P. Krajewski <RpK at MIT-OZ>
    Subject: [PHILIP at MIT-OZ: OZ:OZ:]
    I think that we all are very grateful that OZ's filesystem has come
    through the ordeal with only a few minor scratches, but it seems that
    when the moby filesystem hackers renamed (?) PS: to OZ:, they made
    some Brand S software cough a little.  The L/MIT software has somehow
    taken it in stride, though.
    Is there any good reason to keep it named OZ: ?  Here is one reason
    *against* it.
    [Begin forwarded messages.]
    Date: Saturday, 16 June 1984, 01:16-EDT
    From:  <PHILIP at MIT-OZ>
    Subject: OZ:OZ:
    To: BUG-ZWEI at MIT-OZ

DEC TOPS-20 is moving towards a world of multiple login structures
and transparent file access across machines. Thus you could for
example be logged in on XX and find that OZ:<FOO>BAR.TXT is a legal
file name, even though the pack named OZ: is on OZ. Obviously this
won't work so well if PS: is built in everywhere.

Some of you may have seen this idea before.

I changed PS: to OZ: as part of fixing it, and decided to leave it
that way because it needs to happen eventually and i'd never seen it
break anything (the main packs on speech have been SPEECH: for a while
now). Easy enough to change back for a while if we have to, but 
somebody better worry about fixing the real problem.