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More multiple editor bogosity!

    Date: Saturday, 7 July 1984, 23:22-EDT
    From:  <TIM at MIT-MC>

    In ZWEI in Release 5.0, Experimental MIT 1.4, FEP 18, 
    on Lisp Machine Keith Moon (3600):

    When there are two editor frames, and one of them has its typeout window
    exposed, the other one is COMPLETELY USELESS!!!  After "selecting" the
    other editor, all of the typein still goes to the "deselected one."  Why
    is there really only one editor with several panes even though it looks
    like there are several of them.  If this is a real pain to fix, I'll
    settle for a brief explanation of why it loses the way it does.

There is only one editor process serving all the editor windows.  Fixing this
requires introducing locking to the primitives for accessing the editor
data structures, or else multiple editor processes trying to manipulate the
same data structures could seriously damage each other.  It's hard to do the
locking without wrecking things, so we haven't done it yet.  That's the brief