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Slightly obscure "framer" lossage

    Date: Friday, 20 July 1984, 03:40-EDT
    From:  <TIM at MIT-MC>

    In ZWEI in Release 5.1, Experimental MIT 1.4, FEP 18, on Lisp Machine 
    Jimi Hendrix (3600):

    When an editor line occupies more than one physical line on the screen
    (i.e. wraps around) and the cursor is anywhere other than on the first
    physical line of that editor line, the redisplayer's framer loses...

Thanks for the report.  I fixed this in the development system when it
was first reported.  I believe the fix is included in Release 5.2,
currently in QA, although I did not actually go and verify the truth of
that statement.