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Odd window behavior

In Release 5.0, Experimental MIT 1.4, FEP 18, on Lisp Machine Marilyn Monroe (3600):

I asked the editor to find a file, to which request it responded by
asking me for a password to log into OZ.  Fine.  While it was looking
for the file, I selected my terminal window (using SELECT T), logged out
of OZ, logged into EE, and while that was chugging away, I re-selected
the editor (using SELECT E).

Now, much to my surprise, I found myself looking at an empty buffer,
*Buffer-2*.  The machine had created a new editor window for me.  (I did
NOT hit SELECT C-E by mistake.)  PEEK showed both editor windows, the
new one,

Edit: *Buffer-2*
    Zmacs Mode Line Window 3
	Typein Window 15
	Zwei With Typeout Unselectable 15
	Zwei Minibuffer 15
    Edit: *Buffer-2*

and the one I wanted,

    Edit: PUMA.PALX PS:<PUMA.11> OZ:
    Zmacs Mode Line Window 2
	Typein Window 2

SELECT E would not select the latter window at all, but would
consistently select the former.  After selecting the old editor window\n from the PEEK display, SELECT E would select both windows fine.

(As a side note, after selecting PEEK and the editors to check my info
while composing this message, when I came back to the ZMAIL window, the
blinker failed to blink.  Selecting the Headers buffer and back to the
Text buffer, or clicking Mouse-Left would start it blinking again.)

There is undoubtedly much irrelevant info in this message, but better
too much than too little...
		- Pat