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Recording Stream/Keyboard Macro bug

In ZWEI in Release 5.1, Experimental MIT 1.4, FEP 18

One would hope that it would be possible to define a keyboard macro that,
for instance, did the following (contrived example) "without a hitch:"

  m-X Lisp Mode
  m-X Text Mode

Unfortunately, mode switching commands insist on asking the user if the
buffer's attribute list should be updated, so he or she has to answer two
questions each time the macro is executed.  Although in some cases, it may
be desirable to have the macro query the user, there are others where the
macro should "answer the question(s)" in the same way that the user did
when the macro was being defined.  Currently, ZWEI does not record
keystrokes typed at QUERY-IO.  Whether this keyboard macro behavior is a
bug or a feature, the recording mechanism probably shouldn't be
"overlooking" these keystrokes.