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Cursor bug.

    Date: Monday, 17 September 1984, 22:16-EDT
    From:  <PHILIP at SCC-VAIL>

    In Symbolics 3600 in Release 5.2, on Lisp Machine Robot-4:

    There are problems with cursors that do not go away when
    a break window is entered in ZMACS.

    To recreate the problem, place your ZMACS cursor on 
    the top line of the screen. Hit Control-S (to get 
    an active cursor in the bottom of the screen). 
    Now hit [Break] while the I-search is active. 
    The cursor that's on the top line of the page
    will remain visible over the TYPEOUT-WINDOW
    eventhough the main buffer isn't exposed anymore.
    The TYPEOUT-WINDOW blinker is also visible and
    working properly.

Thanks for the report.  This is fixed in a future version of the
system, which will probably be included in the next release.