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C-M-L has trouble

    Date: Sunday, 16 September 1984, 13:46-EDT
    From: Steven C. Bagley <bagley at MIT-OZ>

    In zwei in Release 5.1, Experimental MIT 1.5, on Lisp Machine Robot-4 (3600):

    With a fresh machine, run (dribble-start "foo" t) to put some cruft into
    a buffer, do (dribble-end), select-e.  You're now looking at *BUFFER-1*.
    Type C-M-L to select the foo buffer.  Zwei beeps at you.  You can select
    the foo buffer with C-X b, or C-X C-B mouse on buffer name, but not
    C-M-L.  After foo has been select once, then C-M-L works fine.

The first line of the documentation for c-m-L is
"Selects the previously selected buffer".  It doesn't
mean "select some other buffer".  It's used for getting
back to places you've already been.  You don't want it
selecting various special-purpose buffers that get created
by various operations.