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[no subject]

In ZWEI in Experimental System 99.12, CADR 4.0, Experimental ZMail 54.3,
MIT-Specific 23.0, Experimental Macsyma 5.0, microcode 320, GC@2,
on Lisp Machine Nine:

<Maybe this should go to bug-lispm>

I did a M-x Dired, with the file <zzz.rlk.bitnet>subscribers.list in the
buffer.  It prompted for directory name, default
oz:oz:<zzz.rlk.bitnet>*.*.*.  I gave it rlk: which is defined in my
logicals.cmd as <zzz.rlk>.  It then read in what it called
oz:rlk:<zzz.rlk.bitnet>, which didn't do what I want or make sense.

This isn't the only problem I have with logical names.  The other times
have been similar, and I think mostly in dired.  I thought that twenex
deals with logical names fine from file jobs.