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"Version not numeric," and debugger suggestion.

In Symbolics 3600 Zwei in System 242.356, Hardcopy 20.10, FEP 18, on Lisp Machine Jimi Hendrix:

I did system-e, c-X c-F.  The default was mc:gumby;foo >.
I typed h:l;format<return>.  H: is a logical host pointing to a lispm.
I got the error "Version not numeric."  Huh?  More likely it meant I
should have entered a file type too, no?  

In any case, there was no way to see what actually promped this error.
In EMACS, you could always type "?" at an error message to enter the
TECO debugger.  Perhaps when zwei intercepts an error and echos it in
the modeline pane it should keep the stack context, and enter the
debugger if, say, the escape key is typed?