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comment region

    Date: Wednesday, 27 March 1985, 16:34-EST
    From: David C. Plummer in disguise <DCP at SCRC-QUABBIN>

	Date: Wed, 27 Mar 85 11:29 EST
	From: Doug Dodds <DODDS@SCRC-TENEX>

	Synopsis:  This is indeed a bug in the latest development system as
	well.  There are still a number of problems with correctly handling
	delimited comments inside #|| ||# as well as #| |#.  It is being added
	to the bug list.  Thanks for the report.

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	    Date: Wednesday, 20 March 1985, 02:16-EST
	    From: Christopher Fry <cfry at OZ>

	    In Symbolics 3600 ZWEI in Release 6.0 Beta IIc, microcode TMC5-MIC 315, on Lisp Machine Buddy Holly:

	    Clicking middle on any character in #||
	    fails to underline the region to the cooresponding ||# .

    Sorry, I don't understand the bug.  In 6.0, it does everything I expect.
    Note that #||...||# comments out code for LISP but lets Zwei do
    sectionization and indentation (and region finding).  The 'misuse' of
    #|| ... ||#  for this purpose was carefully considered before
    documenting its behavior and benefits.

I see.  I didn't completely understand the business of #|...|# vs
#||...||#.  The section "Use #||...||# Instead of #|...|# to Comment Out
Lisp Code" makes it clear that the reader and editor do different things
with #||...||#, and this difference has been exploited to make the
editor indent code that has been commented out.

That means that the editor scans anything inside those marks as regular
s-expressions, with obvious implications for underlining a region.  So
the reported behavior is slightly surprising, but correct.

[Bug-tracker, please change the status of this to COMPLETED.]