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    Date: Sunday, 31 March 1985, 23:56-EST
    From: Patrick A. O'Donnell <PAO at MIT-EECS>

    In Symbolics 3600 ZWEI in Release 5.2, NS 19.74, Color 1.0, FEP 24, on Lisp Machine Buddy Holly:

    I typed C-M-Space in Converse, and I was told "An attempt was made to
    switch intervals.  Please do (BUG 'ZWEI)."  I did.  Here it is.  Since
    this is a relatively old system, I suspect that this is superfluous, but
    just in case...

I couldn't duplicate this in 6.0+.  I think it has vanished in the new
system.  Thanks for being conscientious!