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[Gumby: EDIT BUFFERS again]

Date: Wed, 10 Jul 85 15:06 CDT
From: David Vinayak Wallace <Gumby at MCC-AI>
To:   Bug-Zwe%mc at MCC-AI
Re:   EDIT BUFFERS again

In Symbolics 3640 Zwe in Release 6.0, MCC-Site 5.0,
microcode TMC5-IO4-ST506-MIC 319, on Aries:

m-X Edit buffers should be more like DIRED.  Specifically:

o - it should set its pathname defaults (e.g. for Find File) from the
    buffer of the line the cursor's on.

o - It should have similar commands, like source compare, rename, etc --
    and an "A" command.  Perhaps the map command should map zwei
    commands, not arbitrary functions?