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Dired should reuse wildcard

In Symbolics 3670 Editor in Release 6.1, IP-TCP 29.13, 6-1-Patches 1.11,
AISite 14.1, Macsyma 318.23, FORTRAN 49.4, PASCAL 31.0,
microcode TMC5-IO4-COL-MIC 353, FEP 127, FEP0:>v127-lisp.flod(2),
FEP0:>v127-loaders.flod(2), FEP0:>v127-debug.flod(1),
FEP0:>v127-info.flod(2), on Lisp Machine Duane Allman:

If I invoke Dired with an explicitly qualified wildcard like
OZ:KANSAS:<COMMON>META*.*.*, and then later return to that Dired buffer
and type c-X D, it lists <COMMON>*.*.* (note the "META" is gone).  I
would like it to use the same wildcard it was originally invoked with
(which it certainly knows, because it's on the top line of the buffer).

-- Scott