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More incomplete character-object conversion

                         (2 0 (NIL 0) (NIL :BOLD NIL) "CPTFONTCB")

    Date: Fri, 27 Feb 87 14:18 EST
    From: Patrick A. O'Donnell <PAO@DEEP-THOUGHT.MIT.EDU>

    In Symbolics 3650 Zwei in Genera 7.0G1, IP-TCP 52.0, NFS 1.1,
    7-0-Patches 1.24, MAC 7.1, Fortran 6.3, Pascal 25.3, Prolog 17.0,
    Experimental X-Window-System 17.1, Experimental 1Crit021-System0 8.0,
    microcode 3650-MIC 394, FEP 206, FEP0:>G206-lisp.flod(6),
    FEP0:>G206-loaders.flod(6), FEP0:>g206-debug.flod(1),
    FEP0:>G206-info.flod(6), Machine serial number 30086, on Lisp Machine Mr. Sluggo:
    Processes forcibly aborted:
      Dynamic Lisp Listener 1 aborted 4 times with the following warning:
	The function (FLAVOR:METHOD FS:FILE-ACCESS-PATH-OPEN FS:FEP-FILE-ACCESS-PATH) is executing a cleanup form.
	Aborting before the cleanup is complete could leave the program in
	an inconsistent state and cause it to operate incorrectly later.

    I was using C-M-Function A in a keyboard macro in the editor.  I was
    trying to iterate starting from "1" by 1.

    2Trap: The first argument given to the SYS:+-INTERNAL instruction, #\1, was not a number.
0    While in the function ZWEI:MACRO-TYI  ZWEI:MACRO-STREAM-IO-TYI 

    The condition signalled was DBG:WRONG-TYPE-ARGUMENT-TRAP

This, and a number of other keyboard macro featurs, have been fixed in
Genera 7.1.  Thanks for the report.