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spell program can't handle tex-style double quotes

In Symbolics 3650 Editor in Genera 7.1, Hacks 3.0, IP-TCP 52.16,
ILA-NFS 3.1, 7-1-Patches 1.11, MAC 11.0, Pascal 25.10,
Experimental X-Window-System 17.4, Experimental Illustrate 11.0, TeX 1.0,
LaTeX 1.0, SliTeX 1.0, YTeX 1.0, microcode 3650-MIC 396, FEP 206,
FEP0:>g206-lisp.flod(14), FEP0:>g206-loaders.flod(14),
FEP0:>g206-debug.flod(3), FEP0:>g206-info.flod(12),
Machine serial number 30295, on Lisp Machine Walter Reed:

I ran spell buffer on a tex file (in tex mode), and every single word
that ended in tex-style double quotes ('') was cited as possibly misspelled.
For example, the word ``enamel'' in double quotes got the message

enamel'' possibly misspelled

then it offered enamel's as an alternative.
also, a period followed by double quotes got the message

'' possibly misspelled.