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Abbrev bugs

In Symbolics 3640 Editor in Genera 7.1, Hacks 3.0, IP-TCP 52.16,
ILA-NFS 3.2, 7-1-Patches 1.14, MAC 11.1, Conversion Tools 12.4,
Pascal 25.10, Experimental X-Window-System 17.4,
Experimental Illustrate 11.0, TeX 1.0, LaTeX 1.0, SliTeX 1.0, YTeX 1.0,
Image-Calc 1.0, microcode 3640-MIC 396, FEP 127,
FEP0:>v127-lisp.flod(55), FEP0:>v127-loaders.flod(55),
FEP0:>v127-info.flod(55), FEP0:>v127-debug.flod(34),
Machine serial number 5231,
Patches for conversion tool. (from SYS:CONVERSION-TOOLS;PATCHES.LISP.29), on Lisp Machine The Joker:

Two problems with word abbrevs:

1) If there is text in front of the expansion, often the expansion gets
performed correctly (in terms of the characters in the buffer) but the
screen shows incorrect characters.  This seems to occur after one
correct expansion has already happened.  I know the expnasion happens
correctly because if I kill the line and then yank it back, the correct
characters are there.  The bogus characters come from what's ahead of the
point when the expansion occurs.

2) Why is abbrev expansion turned on when reading input like filenames?
That is most annoying because thats where abbrevs are often used.  I
know you can undo the expansion, but by the time I notice I'm already in
a (New File) buffer.

Aaron Bobick
(sometimes MIT, sometimes SRI)