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[no subject]

In Symbolics 3600 Zwei in Release 6.1, IP-TCP 29.13, Release-6-7 6.0,
6-1-Patches 1.27, MAC 3.0, Macsyma 318.23, Illustrate 10.20,
Experimental X-Window-System 42.0, microcode TMC5-IO4-COL-MIC 353,
FEP 127, fep0:>v127-lisp.flod(55), fep0:>v127-loaders.flod(55),
fep0:>v127-info.flod(55), fep0:>v127-rdbg.flod(1),
fep0:>v127-lcons.flod(1), fep0:>v127-tests.flod(55),
fep0:>v127-rel7.flod(55), fep0:>v127-disk.flod(34),
fep0:>v127-debug.flod(34), Basic TeX, Starlisp-simulator-F9, on Interlaken:

PS. for previous report: that worked when I evaluated the same in a
zmacs suspended mode.