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    Date: 13 JUL 1980 0157-EDT
    From: Moon at MIT-AI (David A. Moon)
    How can I get Electric Shift Lock mode to be operative on a non-lisp mode
    buffer, e.g. the microcode?  I have a mode hook in my init file that turns
    electric shift lock minor mode on and off, but if I turn it on manually for
    a buffer that the mode hook turned it off for, it appears in the mode line
    but fails to upper-case any characters.  Evidently there are two independent
    guys each deciding whether or not electric shift lock should be operative.
A while ago someone added this flag called *GLOBAL-SHIFT-LOCK-MODE-ENABLE*
(actually without the *'s, because they did not believe in following the editor
coding conventions) that modes have to set to have it work at all.
I guess since people use the mode hook, the correct thing would be to remove
it from the sticky minor modes and flush that extraneous flag.