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In the version of zwei on system 29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Eight:

I did a C-T-E in one editor window while Compiler Warnings was displayed
in another editor window.  I was operating on a DEFVAR with no init.

Although the mode line said "evaluating mumble", a line
<Compiling DEFS> was printed out in the middle of the other window.
(in the midst of all the data displayed there).  (DEFS was the name
of the file in which the DEFVAR resided).  I was immediately worried
that the old warnings had been clobbered.  I still needed them, and I had not expected
"evaluate" to destroy them.

I was reassured to find, on reselecting the other window,
that the other warnings were still there.  I made use of them for a while.
Then I typed a C-X ] command in that window by mistake
and suddenly they were gone, replaced by just the "<Compiling DEFS>" line.
(Since there were no formfeeds in the warnings, this had the effect
of going to the end of the file.)  I had not finished with them.

Please do not fix this by changing it so that it would have thrown away
the old warnings immediately.  I would rather have it the way it is!
Throwing away the warnings is a bad default.  What reason is there for
throwing them away?
It is much easier for a user to kill what he is not interested in than
for him to get back what was wiped out.

I suggest writing a formfeed into the warnings buffer between
compilations.  This would facilitate going to the beginning of the
most recent compilation.