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Deleting surrounding spaces and CR's

In the version of ZWEI on system 29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Eight:

I often have occasion to want all these operations as distinct commands, and
only a few are provided:

(1) Delete all white space surrounding cursor.  This is M-\.
(2) Delete all white space and carriage returns.
(3) Delete all white space, and leave one space.
    This is good to use between words of a sentence, between sexps, etc.
(4) Delete all white space and carriage returns, and leave one space.
    This is also good to use between words.  M-^ does a generalized special case of this
    (special in that it flushes only one cr; general in that the cursor need not
    be near the cr).
(5) Delete all white space and crs, and leave a cr.  C-X C-O does some cases
    of this but not all, and sometimes (usually) leaves two cr's.  I want to do this
    all the time when splitting a line of words.  LF does this if TAB doesn't indent
    in one's particular mode.

Anyway, I'd like to see a more complete and consistent command set for these operations.