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In the version of zwei on system 29.99 nws, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Six:

In a freshly loaded world, if I first go into the editor via system E rather than
(ed), and use meta-. to read in a file and point at a function, then use esc S
to leave the editor, then later use (ed), something anomalous happens.  It comes up
in BUFFER-1 instead of the buffer I was in, and when I reselect that buffer its
point is at the beginning instead of where it was.  Furthermore when (ED) first
stabilizes it leaves the who-line saying RUN instead of TYI (but nothing is running).
Clicking the mouse on the BUFFER-1 window fixes the who-line.

This is probably all caused by the fact that system-E gives me ZMACS-WINDOW-4 but
(ed) gives me ZMACS-WINDOW-1.

Also in this world the prompt for the mail and quit commands in the Zwei mailing
stuff has been changed, but the commands themselves have not been changed.
(Hmm, actually control-] is not a defined key, control-G is still quit, but
both control- and End are terminating command.)